Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our garage conversion!

We are going to convert our 2 car garage into a playroom.  With three kids we have about 5 million toys littering the house, and constantly stepping on tiny blocks and matchbox cars is getting old. Hopefully the playroom will help contain some of the mess and give the kids a bigger space to play.

We plan to frame in a wall in front of the garage door and add some carpeting, built in storage, and a workout area for me. But for now it still looks like this (which is actually a huge improvement over a week ago.)

My vanity!

I was tired of the bathroom getting so cluttered with my curling irons and makeup so I made myself a spot in the closet. This should work great because there is a bunch of room and it is right under a big skylight (yeah in the closet, wierd I know), and the light. Now I just have to keep the kids out of there!

Seriously. Check it out. Cupcake pops.

Cutest recipe in the history of the world.    Now I just need an excuse to make them.....

Monday, December 28, 2009


If you haven't already, go to  Instructables and check it out. They have directions for how to build a ton of things. A lot of the stuff involves upcycling, which is really cool.   I used the site to find directions for building Rob's bike stand for Christmas.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shameless Promotion!

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Arizona Local Food


I found this website while trying to figure out where to get organic meat for the kids. We are talking about buying a quarter of half of a beef so it's cheaper.   The website has all kinds of foods and tells you where to get them in your area. It is a really neat resource!

My Christmas presents from Rob!

Rob gave me the coolest presents this year!
First he made, (yes ladies made), me the coolest bracelet! It is gorgeous and so comfy to wear! Check it out:

He also bought me a strollometer, a distance/time computer for my jogging stroller. This should help me get ready for my duathalon in March!
Here it is on our BOB duallie: