Monday, December 28, 2009


If you haven't already, go to  Instructables and check it out. They have directions for how to build a ton of things. A lot of the stuff involves upcycling, which is really cool.   I used the site to find directions for building Rob's bike stand for Christmas.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shameless Promotion!

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Arizona Local Food


I found this website while trying to figure out where to get organic meat for the kids. We are talking about buying a quarter of half of a beef so it's cheaper.   The website has all kinds of foods and tells you where to get them in your area. It is a really neat resource!

My Christmas presents from Rob!

Rob gave me the coolest presents this year!
First he made, (yes ladies made), me the coolest bracelet! It is gorgeous and so comfy to wear! Check it out:

He also bought me a strollometer, a distance/time computer for my jogging stroller. This should help me get ready for my duathalon in March!
Here it is on our BOB duallie:

The Greenhouse!

Our family gave us a greenhouse for Christmas! Talk about the coolest gift ever!   It is 6x8 and tall enough for Rob to stand in. I can't wait to get it up and get some organic veggies growing! We got the foundation down yesterday. We decided to put it closer to the house so we can get water and so it helps protect it from the wind. It will still get plenty of sun in the winter and in the summer the shade will help keep it cooler. Hopefully the rest will go up next week.

Cole's Play Kitchen

Rob built the cutest play kitchen for Cole's Christmas present. It started as a nightstand and all together cost about $30. I absolutely love it! It is way cuter than any Walmart plastic kitchen and the red matches my decor! (Which I'm sure Cole was really concerned about.) The drawers hold all of the play food and the pots and pans so it is really easy to clean up. Don't I have the best hubby ever?

Merry Christmas everyone!!

We had a wonderful Christmas here! The kids were spoiled like crazy by the family and the house is still completely destroyed with toys and packaging. I should probably go and start shoveling out the living room soon before we lose the baby in the mess.  I hope everyone has a safe New Years!