Monday, September 21, 2009

Utah Peach Pie Jam

Peach Pie Jam
We made this jam from peaches we bought from The Bountiful Basket*, a food co-op in our area.  I bought 32lbs of  Utah peaches for $20. Not too shabby. The peaches were already almost over ripe wen we got them so I wasn't able to make the fruit leather I had planned, but that's ok. The kids are eating up this jam like crazy.

I canned two dozen jars of jam, gave a bunch of peaches to friends, and peeled and froze some for later.  That fresh peach taste will be awesome in smoothies in the middle of winter.

* The Bountiful Basket is also in other states too. Visit the website here to see if there is a drop-off near you.

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